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The LaRue-Hot Springs Museum
110 Hot Springs Rd
Hot Springs, MT

The Larue-Hot Springs Museum is located just outside of the town of Hot Springs on the Flathead Indian Reservation.  We are just off Highway 28 on the Hot Springs road on the way into town.

We opened our doors to the public in 2008.  Over the past years, we have continued to collect many items donated from some of the original families.   We also have inherited several new buildings that are now at the museum site and share the space with our original large museum building.  One building is the antique concrete Hot Springs Jail.  Another is an original "guest cabin" identical to the many housekeeping cabins that crowded Hot Springs with vacationers seeking healing from the naturally occurring hot mineral water pools in the area. 

Sharing the outside space is a display of antique farm equipment, a logging truck, a fire truck and several antique vehicles.  We also have an old log cabin that once did service at the lumber mill at Dog Lake, and later it was moved into town to be a residence.

Our meeting room has been refurbished to be our reading and research room.  Now this room can be warm all year long, and available (weather permitting) for those interested in family history or just to research the growth and development in the area.  Our Historian, Gwen Nelson, has organized our wealth of antique newspapers and magazines and personal histories.  Also, she has conducted over 25 audio/visual interviews with elderly members of the area and reservation.  If you are doing any research, call and come out!

During the past several years, our Hot Springs Schools have used the museum and staff as part of their history lessons about the area.  We encourage tours of all ages, and can give the younger generation some real insight.  The museum is OPEN 12-4 pm every Friday and Saturday from May until September.  During other months, contact Gwen Nelson at 406-741-5038 or the museum phone (leave a message) at 406-741-5665.

We do not charge an entry fee; we ask only for donations.  We are a 501c3 organization and rely on donations, memberships and our one fund raising event each year.  All donations are tax deductible.  If you are interested in membership, you may call either of the above phone numbers or write LaRue-Hot Springs Museum, P. O. Box 28, Hot Springs, MT  59845.

November, 2016 Museum Update

Please join us at the Museum on Wednesday, November 16 from 4-6 pm.

We will be honoring our local rodeo queen, Fay Poloson Haynes.  She has added to her collection of successes by publishing TOP HAND, a book of paintings done by her before she was sixteen years old.  Her niece, author Grace Larson, will also be there.  Over the last several years, Grace has written a number of books.  Several give interesting history about her family and sheep raising in this area of western Montana in the early to mid 1900's.  We hope to see you there as we take the time to enjoy the work of these two remarkable women!

Norah Potts, Executive Director, LaRue-Hot Springs Museum



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